Welcome to BaseballBatArt.com

These are my creations of life-sized wooden baseball bats carved from ash, maple, walnut and various other woods depicting both abstract and familiar shapes in the form of a baseball bat.

This particular journey began with the simple turning of a bat for my son. These bats, no longer just about baseball, have evolved into a channel for my creative expression. Most of these bats are created from scratch, while others are carved from genuine baseball bats such as "Louie" (pictured left).

In these bats I reflect the beauty of simplicity and the humor I seek in everyday living. It is my passion to sculpt and like other artists, I find a fulfillment of purpose to share that creative expression with others.

Please view the "The Line-up" page and click on an icon for a detailed look at each piece. Also the "Player Stats" page gives a brief history of me with links to photos of some other past projects.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments, (about the bats,  not just anything).

Gary Mifflin